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Current Release

2023 Muscat Blanc

Sourced from Cecchini Ranch Vineyard ~~ Contra Costa, California

A golden kiss, this Muscat Blanc is a textural and beautifully aromatic dry wine that spends 9 days on the skins during fermentation. It has crisp, playful acidity and is light bodied :) Lifted floral jasmine aromatics with notes of Chrysanthemum tea and lychee jellies, as well as fruit forward flavors reminiscent of mandarin orange, white peach, cardamom pods, mango, meyer lemon peel & apricot.

Artist: Rhythm Bowers


Past Releases

2022 Petite Sirah

Sourced from Grist Vineyard ~~ Dry Creek, Healdsburg, California

Full bodied with endless acidity and moderate tannins make this wine a cellar worthy delight. Decadent, with aromatics of violet, sage and dark chocolate covered blueberries, reminiscent of boysenberry, roasted hazelnut, plum jam and black cherries on the nose. Royal purple in color, enjoy this wine for the next 10 years! Unfined & Unfiltered.

Artist: Rhema Jordan Labbe


Petite Sirah.PNG

2022 Barbera

Sourced from Zacharias Block ~~ Mendocino, California

This Barbera doesn't take itself too seriously, enjoy! Put me in the fridge 30 min before opening! Medium bodied and creamy, this aromatic wine is reminiscent of savory herbs and berry. Purple sage, sundried tomato, blackberry, and elderberry syrup. Unfined & Unfiltered.

Artist: Rhythm Bowers

Artist: Rhythm Bowers (she her)



2022 Mourvèdre

Sourced from Del Barba Vineyard ~~ Contra Costa County, California

This Mourvèdre is an electric fuchsia dream. Put me in the fridge 30 min before opening! Light bodied, with out of this world acidity and full of beautiful red fruit characteristics. Think fresh summer Rainier cherries, luxardo syrup, freeze dried red raspberries, spiced strawberry punch, and pomegranate juice. This wine is for those sticky humid DC summer days, with a Ben’s Chili Bowl Half Smoke. Unfined &Unfiltered.

Artist: Rhythm Bowers



2022 Viognier

Sourced from Alta Colina Vineyard ~~ Adelaida District, Paso Robles, California

This Viognier does not go through malolactic fermentation and ages on the lees. It is full bodied, creamy and elegant :) extremely aromatic and slightly textural from 3 days on the skin during fermentation. Lots of floral qualities such as jasmine, chamomile tea and elderflower, as well as grated ginger, orange marmalade, nutmeg and lychee.

Artists: Lorraine (she her) & Camilla (she her) Cook



2022 Muscat Blanc

This Muscat Blanc is a DRY wine that does not go through malolactic fermentation. It has crisp, refreshing acidity and is light bodied :) extremely aromatic and slightly textural from 7 days on the skin during fermentation. Lots of floral qualities such as citrus blossom, as well as meyer lemon. Fresh ground coriander and orange flower water.

Artist: Rhythm Bowers (she her)




Muscat Blanc, Mourvèdre & Barbera Artist: Rhythm Bowers (she/her)

Rhythm is a multimedia artist from the Washington DC area. “Due to Continuously exploring the realm of my hands, I make art through various mediums and forms.” Rhythm and myself connected through our mutual friend Erica Christian of Empowering the Diner.

Viognier Artists: Lorraine (she/her) & Camilla (she/her) Cook

Lorraine, a DC Native, is an admirer of art, memes, coffee shops, soccer, music, the outdoors, and most importantly food. I usually drink wine on special occasions, so what better way to celebrate Justin and her business than with a glass of wine! Cheers! Camilla loves the outdoors, music, and all things creative. Wine has always been a drink of choice while watching the newest reality TV show. With Justin’s wines and natural fermentation process, I am super excited to be supporting her endeavors and trying out glasses upon glasses. Fun fact, we went to high school together!!

Petite Sirah, Cork & Website Logo Artist: Jordan Rhema Labbe (she/they)

Rhema Jordan Labbe is a Washington, D.C. native artist and designer. Jordan’s work represents narratives of identity and an understanding of the unseen. Their synergistic relationship to art, design and strategy has produced multiform bodies of work that include portfolios in studio art, writing, and design.


As a Black, queer, and multiracial woman, Jordan is an advocate in the conversation about healing justice and liberation, particularly for Black and Indigenous People of Color. As an extension of their studio practice, RJL places emphasis on engaging community through creative platforms that address the need for cultural space. It is a commitment of Jordan’s to curate environments for art and cultural experience that encourage both individual expression and collective healing. Fun fact, we went to high school together!!

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